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Series One 

I started creating ‘series one’ at the end of 2016. Each art work represents a ‘moment in time’. This ‘moment’ is represented by an action such as sitting, looking, floating, flying etc. These common place everyday movements are things we take for granted, as busy over worked human beings. 


The message I want the viewer to take-away with them is one of sacredness, sacredness for the mundane simple moments. 

Photo Oct 22, 1 02 35 PM_edited_edited.j

Series Two 

I started working with pen and ink back in the early 90’s. I love this medium as it has a quality of agedness, allowing the artist to create something new whilst reflecting the old. Each piece is hand drawn with micro-pens on paper and or wood then painstakingly cut out with an exacto knife and applied to a second surface such as another piece of paper. Following on from the previous series i wanted to capture the fragility of nature and that being said the fragility of our very own lives. Many of the florals are inspired by17th century french and english botanical drawings which are now extinct.


I weave these specimens in with made up plants from my imagination, creating scenes that are magical and inspiring. Life and death stand together, hand in hand. 

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