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Where are you? So tell me......

so i live in Austin, Texas. This place has been my home for over twenty five years. I settled in Austin after coming here for a visit from the UK. I knew immediately i wanted to make Austin my home, an oasis in the middle of a dry, barren state. If you know what i mean..... A lot has changed in that time both to the place i live in and myself!! I am the proud owner of a small design + screen print shop called Victrola Design Studio off of 31st and Lamar where i hand print home goods and stationery products.

When i am not working on my product line or trying to promote my business which takes a lot of work, i am either sitting at home in front of the tv drawing or thinking about drawing. In my early 20's i really had a hard time focusing on what it was i wanted to do. I knew i wanted to create things but just couldn't channel my energies into getting anything done. Now i see this was just immaturity. I was always thinking but not really doing too much......

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