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New Giclee Prints available in the SHOP!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

New botanical drawings available in our shop!

New floral giclee torn edge 5 x7 and 4 x 6 prints - starting at $18 each

Since these crazy times started a little over three months ago i have been frantically drawing to keep myself sane. People always ask me 'how do you keep going? or 'what inspires you?' well one of the main reasons i create is to keep from being bored with myself. I love always having something to do, or to ruminate on....what's my next project going to be? Or how can i make something fit together or appear to work out in a 2-D form. I never tire of drawing or creating art, it's what keeps me interested in life and excited about the world around me. Don't let outside circumstances hold you back! Not to say that the physical world is not important but its always changing that is the one constant in our lives.

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