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It's almost two years since i finished this piece.....

Over the past several years i have split my time between creating art work for sale, commissions and of course screen - printed product i make to sell with Victrola Design Studio. No matter what i'm working on I try to draw or create something every day. They say practice makes perfect but i don't believe that! Although i do think you can get better with time and perseverance.

I do know that having a routine helps immensely in any endeavor, especially that of an artist. I've always admired those who are organized and dedicated to their profession, no matter what it is!

When i started making things over fifteen years ago i had a job that didn't entail making or producing art. This was ok as it kept me focused on the fact that i eventually wanted to work for myself! Don't ask me why....

I guess I've never liked another person telling me what to do and nothing really appealed to me like that of the arts. Money was and still isn't the focus, in fact creating is a means in which to find myself. I'm not always happy with what i make but i keep going anyway. It's a lesson in self discovery!

Commissioned by @thewaybackaustin from 2018

When people ask me how i deal with self doubt or creative blocks i just say keep going! Try not to dwell on the negative as that just creates more problems. Everyone has self doubt even those who appear to have everything.

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